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Griffin Jones Law Firm, PLLC, is a father-son firm located in the historic Millsaps-Buie House on North State Street, Jackson, Mississippi. Various forms of the firm have been in existence for some 22 years in Jackson, providing the highest quality legal services and personal attention available to individuals with serious personal injuries, workers’ compensation claims and/or insurance disputes of all types and ranges of recovery. Throughout its existence, the firm has focused on providing the very best legal services that can be found anywhere in the State of Mississippi for individuals with serious injuries and resulting “disability,” small businesses involved in contract disputes and issues arising out of insurance coverage, as well as a range of trial work in federal and state court. The firm’s list of awards and achievements attest to the reputation of the firm and the partners in performing all tasks required by their clients with utmost diligence and fidelity, yet with the highest degree of ethical treatment and fairness to all parties, bearing in mind that the lawyer’s integrity and reputation for honesty among judges and opposing lawyers is a significant component of the legal services purchased by the client.

We are dedicated to our profession and the side of the civil justice system we chose over 30 years ago: fighting for the rights of the little guy, the injured worker, the small business, the disabled and neglected. We act on behalf of all our clients with an unmatched competency formed over decades of litigation and trial experience, and with an aggressiveness required when our clients have been victimized by personal injury and unjust treatment at the hands of entities which hold the money and for whom the very best defense is delay. We ask for the honor of an opportunity to assist you in pursuing your statutory and common-law rights. You will be happy with your investment in this firm.

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